Info letter meeting with the Mairies/teachers/déléguées 18/11/14

Dear Parents, following a reunion with the mairie, the 18 November, a proposition to modify the hours of the current school day has been put forward, to take effect from the beginning of January (after the Christmas break).

Each family shall soon receive, via the ‘cahiers de liaison’ of their child, a questionnaire , to be returned  before the end of November, to a box situated in the entrance to the maternelle section.  If your child is in périscolaire you have the possibility of leaving the questionnaire with the personnel  there, who will see that it is forwarded to the school.

The objective is simple:  Advance or reduce the mid-day lunch break to permit the older children to eat earlier – thus solving the need for a mid morning snack, and to permit an earlier start to the afternoon lessons (reducing the time spend in périscolaire or outside play which over stimulates and tires the children out for the afternoon)

The mairie have been very clear; they expect a significant participation from the parents, with at least 70% of questionnaires completed and returned, for the project to be put in to effect.

This is just the first step towards the formation of a more elaborate project for the 2015/16 school year.  The mairie have agreed to work with us for the advancement of this objective from the 16 December onwards.

We will continue to keep you informed but do not hesitate to contact us too.  We are relying on your support to keep the interests of all our children in the forefront of future actions and projects.

Thank you in advance

The elected parents.

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